Partnered Organizations


US Campaign for Burma
The United States Campaign for Burma (USCB) is a U.S. based organization dedicated to empowering grassroots activists around the world to rally for human rights and to bring an end to the military dictatorship in Burma. Our mission is to build a broad based coalition of grassroots and institutional support for freedom in Burma.
Through public education, leadership development initiatives, conferences, and advocacy campaigns, we educate Americans about the situation in Burma. To leverage our support, USCB partners with organizations around the world working to promote freedom, democracy, and human rights in Burma. Our efforts also include raising awareness about the egregious human rights violations perpetrate by the military regime under a system of impunity.
The leadership of USCB is comprised of seasoned human rights advocates. The board members and staff members include former Burmese political prisoner, former internally displaced person, and experienced advocates. We are dedicated to increasing global pressure on Burma’s military regime in an effort towards realizing a free Burma. 

Assistance Association for Political Prisoners
Formed by political prisoners in 200, AAPP works to support and assist current political prisoners in a number of ways. First, by monitoring and reporting on prison conditions. Second, by publicizing arrests, and telling the life stories of political activists. Third, by working with organizations like Amnesty International, Human Rights watch, the UN, and many others to advocate on behalf of political prisoners. Finally, they assist with the rehabilitation of ex-political prisoners.

Karen Human Rights Group
KHRG is a Karen-led grassroots human rights organization established in 1992. Twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, KHRG is internationally recognized as a leading authority on major issues such as internal displacement and forced labor in Burma. They work directly with rural villagers, who suffer from human rights abuses like forced labor and relocations, extortion, looting, arbitrary detention, torture, sexual assault, etc. KHRG works to support villagers and rural Burma, by helping them develop strategies to resist abuse and by translating their testimonies for worldwide distribution.

Best Friends Library
BFL was founded in 1999 by two monks who desired to encourage people to become more educated, aware and active in the struggle for peace and freedom in Burma. They believe that education can open up people’s ears and eyes and is the way to eradicate poverty. Currently, BFL operates a mobile health care program and a relocation project to help refugee families move away from the Mae Sot garbage dump. Additionally, they offer an array of classes such as English language and Dhamma teachings.

Thai Burma Border Consortium (TBBC)
TBBC is a consortium of 12 international NGOS from ten countries that provides food, shelter, and non food items to refugees and displaced people from Burma. Furthermore the TBBC engages in research about the root causes of displacement and refugee outflows. Their programs are implemented in the field through refugees, community based organizations, and local partners.

Ta'ang Students and Youth Organization (TYSO) 
TYSO has multiple departments dedicated to researching and reporting news and data concerning Burma, especially the Palaung ethnic group.  This youth group also has a comprehensive news website with information in English and Burmese.  Their website operates "under the Information and Documentation Program which has been implementing its project by collecting and documenting Human Rights Violations information with data base and [...] news concerning human rights situation in Palaung area to different broadcasting center and media groups."

Palaung Women’s Association (PWO)
PWO was founded in 2000 to educate and empower Palaung women to develop and strengthen their own self-determination and achieve quality of participation. PWO provides gender and human rights training to Palaung women and their communities, increases international and community knowledge of the Palaung people, their history and cultures, and raises awareness of the human rights abuses suffered the Palaung people.

Mae Tao Clinic
Founded by Dr. Cynthia Maung in 1988 during the student pro-democracy movement. MTC provides free health care for refugees, migrant workers, and other individuals who cross the border from Burma to Thailand. Today is serves a target population of approximately 150,000 people on the Thai-Burma border.

National Council of the Union of Burma
In 1992 four organizations NDF, DAB, NLD, and NCGUB formed the NCUB. They work to promote national reconciliation, dialogue between ethnic and democratic forces, and the emergence of a peoples’ Parliament based on the results of the 1990 general election. Additionally, they seek to bring peace and development expeditiously to the Burmese people.

Burma Partnership
Established at a regional conference in 2006, Burma Partnership is a network of organizations in the Asia-Pacific region, advocating for and mobilizing a movement for democracy and human rights in Burma. BP envisions a free and democratic Burma that upholds the principles of the human rights, equality and justice. BP believes in collaboration and a participatory approach to advocacy as a key element in bringing about democratic change.

Democratic Voice of Burma
Founded in 1992, DVB is a nonprofit media organization based in Oslo, Norway and run by
Burmese expatriates. DVB makes radio and television broadcasts aimed at providing uncensored news and information about Burma, the military regime, and its political opposition. DVB’s mission is to provide the people of Burma with accurate and unbiased news, to promote understanding and cooperation, to encourage and sustain independent public opinion, and to impart the ideals of  democracy and human rights.

Free Burma Rangers
Free Burma Rangers is a multi-ethnic humanitarian service movement. They bring help, hope and love to people in the war zones of Burma. Ethnic pro-democracy groups send teams to be trained, supplied and sent into the areas under attack to provide emergency assistance and human rights documentation. Together with other groups, the teams work to serve people in need.                             

Monk Chat
This program was founded in 2000 at the Mahachulalongkornrajvidalaya Buddhist University. We will get to know about monk’s way of living, Thai Culture, Buddhism, and more.