Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Proof of Human Rights Abuses at the Hands of the Burmese Army

We need immediate resolutions to these injustices. They are blatant violations of the terms of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from inhumane rape, torture, forced labor, etc. Fighting for these rights is why our team is going to Thailand to work with NGOs and refugees firsthand. Afterwards, we are still obligated to convey the human rights message to our community in the US. Along with the many other overlooked conflict zones, Burma has not gotten the attention that it needs - we hope that evidence like this will continue to be disseminated so that the mainstream media will catch on and bring further awareness to the civil war and genocide that Burma has suffered for decades.

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1. Bringing Justice to Women of Burma

2.Journeyman Pictures is an excellent media agency that focuses on conflict zone stories - they have a lot of ones on Burma on their Youtube channel. Here's a great one:

Burma - New US Drugs War

3. Convict Porters - DVB (forced labor)

4. On a more positive note, the NLD has set up schools where children can attend for free! No more propaganda-filled curriculae!!

Democratic Voice of Burma TV - Education on the move in Burma

Again, please comment on whatever you want - feelings, criticisms, rants, etc!

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